Why do you need the RICS Home Buyers Report?

In order to reach a decision on whether or not to proceed on a purchase of a residential property, it is advisable to have a survey and valuation carried out. It may be that you are having a Mortgage Valuation carried out, however this is prepared only for the lender, and therefore should not be relied upon by any purchaser. It only deals with general aspects of the property in relation to it's security for your mortgage. It will not provide information on any material defects that may exist, or major repairs that may be required to the property.

Home Buyers Report

The HomeBuyer Survey & Valuation is in standardised format as set out by the RICS, and is intended for houses and flats which appear to be in reasonable condition and are not unusual in any terms of construction or other aspects. It provides a focus on essential repairs that are urgent or significant, and also information which may have a material effect on the value. The report is generally priced lower than a Building Survey.

When we provide the RICS Homebuyer Survey, we inspect and report on the following (accessible) areas within the property:

General: Location, Type of property and construction, Accommodation, Tenure, Market valuation, Area of property (sq m), Reinstatement cost, Energy and environment rating (if known), Building regulations, Guarantees, Risks to the building, Risks to grounds, Risks to people.

External: Roof coverings, Chimney stacks, Rainwater pipes and gutters, Main walls, Windows, Outside doors, Conservatory and porches, Joinery, External decoration.

Internal: Roof structure, Ceilings, Walls and partitions, Floor, Fireplace, Chimney breasts, Flues, Fixtures and fittings, Joinery and woodwork, Bathroom fittings, Internal decoration, Electricity, Gas, Water, Heating, Water heating, Drainage, Common services, Garage, Grounds and boundaries (the site).

For further information on the differences between a Building Survey and a HomeBuyer Report please read this guide


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